Paul Court Founder and Director

“I find it difficult to write about past achivements without reading them back to myself and thinking it sounds like bragging. Let's face it, if you have to choose between telling a story about that awesome project you worked on and that time you accidentally dropped the wrong database table on the live server, we all know which one would make it onto the company website!”

“However, it's much more exciting to think about the future and the projects that are just over the horizon. The rest of 2014 and 2015 already have some exciting projects and expansion plans in store. I'm particualrly looking forward to a 12 month fundraising and awareness campaign which is just getting started. It's the first time I have done anything like it.”

Various Past and Future

Like many businesses, people have come and gone. And it's not just direct employees or partners that deserve a bit of credit; family, friends, clients, suppliers, mentors and advisors have all helped us over the years. Too many to list individually, but they know who they are.

Thank you.

For the future, there are no immediate plans to take on more staff or partnerships, but who knows what is around the corner! Feel free to drop us a line and open up some communication - who knows what might happen?